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Team with more than 30 years of experience founded in 2009 the Alucreat - Sistemas de Caixilharia, Lda, with headquarters in the council of Águeda.
Its area of ​​activity is focused on the execution, supply and assembly of aluminum, PVC, Blinds, solar protection systems, Facades, Gates from North to South of the Country, Europe and Africa.


The technical and commercial team, collects from Designers or work owners all the information necessary for the elaboration and presentation of a budget. We advise and look for the best solutions for your project, creating value at the lowest cost. Together with the designers, technicians and owners Alucreat offers support on site. A professional team performs and assembly on site with the utmost perfection and rigor for the highest satisfaction of the client.


We look for new products and solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. We use innovative equipment and products that help us meet the needs of our customers with quality assurance.


Maintain the line of growth in the National and International markets, allied with customer trust and satisfaction of customers.


Projects and Architecture Offices, Builders, Industry, Commerce and Individuals in new construction or rehabilitation.

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